Martin Florian


Some of the things that I've worked on in the past or am working on right now.

Federated Byzantine Agreement

I investigate a novel approach to consensus protocols that is ecologically sustainable and rigorously secure while enabling more decentralization than your typical permissioned system. It's kind of like bootstrapping consensus from a web of trust.

Interactive simulation of distributed systems

I develop interactive simulations that visualize the protocols and principles behind distributed systems like Bitcoin. My goal is to develop an interactive online course where students can interact with taught concepts live in their browsers.

My research group @Weizenbaum

I lead an interdisciplinary team investigating Trust in Distributed Environments, or how blockchain-related technologies (could) impact contemporary societies.

P2P network measurements & monitoring

My team systematically collects empirical data on peer-to-peer networks such as IPFS. Our research uncovers the size and topology of networks, usage patterns, performance bottlenecks as well as the characteristics of commonly stored content.

Recursive squares.